Power Rangers Wild Force on Kix

Kix is proud to announce the latest addition to its lineup, Power Rangers Wild Force, a fresh new show due on air from Monday 30th January with a gripping double bill.

Power Rangers Wild Force is the tenth edition in the long-running television series. The live-action show based on a team of teenagers with super powers quickly found its place in popular culture and continues to dominate the realm of children’s entertainment.

Wild Force, one of the most popular in the Power Rangers series, is a particularly unique variation mixing fantasy with realistic subplots.  Modern day technology and the Earth’s environment are referenced with a fast paced and highly energetic presentation appropriate for the Kix target audience.

Power Rangers is an extremely popular brand which fits in perfectly with the Kix ethos. Kix is the UK’s only channel aimed specifically at boys aged 7-12; in addition to a host of adventurous, entertaining and animated programmes, www.KixTV.co.uk enables viewers to interact further with the brand.


Power Rangers Wild Force will air daily at 4pm only on Kix, Sky Guide 627 & Freesat 606