Chart Show interviews Avril Lavigne

This week, Chart Show caught up with Pop-Rock sensation Avril Lavigne whilst she was in the UK promoting her brand new album 'Goodbye Lullaby', which she describes as an "emotional, strip-down rock album".

Avril, who produced and wrote some of the songs on her new album, said she has noticed a big change in the music industry...

"Today it's all online, it's changed so much and there's like so many new artists coming out, it feels like every week! But I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see it change."

There may be plenty of rival female artist's; however Avril's not afraid of competition...

"It's not like that for me, it's music, it's not like a game, it's like an art, and I'm glad to still be here and still be putting out my music.”

Avril describes her new single 'What the Hell' as "Spontaneous and Carefree" and with an upbeat, pop-rock style; it's certain to be a hit on Chart Show.

See the full interview along with Avril's new video on Chart Show, Sky Guide 365 and Freesat 500, this Thursday at 4pm and 11pm.